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Where can I find a Sunnyvale Dentist Office?

The professionals at our Sunnyvale dentist office are big proponents of preventive care to keep your smile healthy and bright. While dental decay and gum disease are the two most common conditions affecting dental health, they are also the most preventable. Our Preventive Dental Care program is designed to help prevent new cavities, preserve restored teeth and to manage periodontal disease. Children in particular will benefit from this program because it helps their newly developing adult teeth to come in strong and healthy.

Some helpful recommendations are:

  • Brush your teeth every day (ideally after every meal) with fluoride-containing toothpaste.
  • If you have a high risk of cavities, we may recommend a fluoride rinse to reduce tooth decay.
  • Avoid sticky sweets (or brush right after you eat them)
  • Eat a nutritious and well balanced diet

    Sunnyvale Dentist Office

In addition to maintaining a good home care routine, the best thing you can do is to schedule regular dental checkups and professional cleanings with your Sunnyvale dentist. By scheduling biannual checkups and professional cleanings at our Sunnyvale dentist office you are taking an essential step in maintaining optimal oral health. Dr. Henell and her team will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw at every checkup visit for any sign of dental disease or developing problems. In most cases the earlier dental disease is detected, a simple course of care can restore oral health. Additionally, every exam is accompanied by a thorough, professional teeth cleaning to remove any accumulated dental plaque or tartar, which can lead to decay and gum disease. As an added level of protection for our pediatric patients, we offer dental sealants to shield the surfaces of the newly erupted, permanent molars and the pre-molars from decay and periodic fluoride therapy to strengthen the young enamel of their teeth.

If you’re looking for an exceptional dentist that can cater to the dental needs of the whole family, please consider Lindi Henell, DDS. Call our Sunnyvale dentist office for more information on the many services that we provide or to schedule an appointment.

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